Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The National Folk Festival and Beyond

We're all off to the National Folk Festival, to absorb the wall-to-wall tunes in the session bar. Nicole and John are playing as cloudstreet (www.cloudstreet.org), and launching the new cd, The Circus of Desires. (Which features one of our tunes-class tunes, Willie Coleman's)

So, NO TUNES CLASS ON WEDNESDAY 31 MARCH. And no class on the following Wednesday, April 7, either, as many people will still be travelling.

See you all for a further fix of tunes on April 14. Happy Easter with lots of jigs and reels!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Tune Tonight.

Hi, tunesters. Tonight is the last tunes class before the National Folk Festival, and we will be learning "The Musical Priest" and enjoying a yummy supper.

Last week we spent the class working on tunes we have already learned, and getting them closer to session speed, as well as working on getting out of one tune and into the next to create a set. The tunes we played were "The Lark in the Morning", "The Glass of Beer", and "Miss Monaghan", and the jig set we worked on is "Willie Coleman's (G)/ The Black Road (D)/ My Darling Asleep (D)". It was all sounding terrific by the end of the night.

Its proving more difficult than I thought to get sound files of the tunes up, without having them all play at once when you look at the blog, so I'm working on that to make the blog easy to use. In the meantime, reminders of how all these tunes go are available at www.thesession.org.

See you at 7!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yes! We are having a St Paddy's Day class.

The last two weeks have been eventful, with all of the available time going to finishing the new Cloudstreet cd, "Circus of Desires", and Nic teaching every day, so the blog hasn't had an update. Next week!

The good news is we ARE having a St Patrick's Day tunes class, this Wednesday. I have encouraged everyone to join in other celebrations if they would prefer to be in the company of green beer, but we will be playing in Maleny.

We have had two tunes since the last update and I'll put them up next week.

TONIGHT, Tuesday 16 March, is the once in a blue moon session at Irish Murphy's at Noosa Junction, starting at 7.30pm. See you there!